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No matter how much money you put away each week, month or year - it’s smart to save. And it’s even smarter to make sure you’re getting the best return on the money you’re saving. Using the savings interest calculator below, you can work out how much you stand to make per month/year.

Either use the slider to set your savings amount, or type the figure into the box. Do the same again for the gross interest rate. Then select your relevant tax status from the dropdown.

In the blue box beneath the savings calculator, your annual interest and monthly interest will be displayed automatically.

There are no ‘rules’ - you can adjust the amount to see how much you could earn, if you saved a little more.

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Important things to know about the savings calculator:

  • This is strictly a UK savings calculator and should not be used to gauge interest rates outside of Britain
  • Not all saving accounts will offer monthly interest

Online interest payment calculator

  1. Calculate

Based on the Information you have given us you will earn:

Annual Interest: £   Monthly Interest: £

*Not all accounts offer monthly interest

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